What is Eye Level?

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 Eye Level is a self-directed learning program. Our approach to learning leads students to become self-directed individuals.

Eye Level is based on an educational principle where students learn at their own pace. When the instructor understands the learning needs of a student, the teaching are most effective.


For children aged 3 to 14 years old, learning should be an enriching and engaging experience. The first steps in learning pave the way for an educated and holistic future. Eye Level Singapore learning hones in on this and focuses on giving children fundamental skills and strategies in order to progress successfully with their educational futures.

Mother and child walking on steps made of books
Mother and child walking on steps made of books

A major focus that makes Eye Level learning stand out is that it is child-focused. In promoting self-directed learning, Eye Level learning encourages problem solving skills and critical thinking strategies. These are highly important learning processes that are best learnt from a young age. When children engage with self-directed learning, they are engaged in finding a way to pursue their personal interests, goals, and hopes.

Self-directed learning is all about supporting life long learning. The skills gained from Eye Level Singapore learning are ones that children will have for the rest of their lives. Eye Level learning supports both literacy and numeracy development. Each area focus is tailored to students’ individual learning needs and are age specific. For instances, Play Math allow younger children to develop an interest in learning in a fun and unique way.

In mathematics, students are given skills that tap into their critical thinking and develop problem solving strategies. Eye Level Math gives students the chance to see mathematics as something that is all around them in the world. Rather than just associating mathematics with numbers and equations in a text book, eye level maths takes learning to the next level and applies systems and formulas to the world around us. All of this is done from the world perspective that children see, such as calculating how many steps on the playground or how much pocket money is needed to save for something.

In English, students are supported to master reading and writing skills through systematic and incremented learning approaches. Once again, Eye Level English takes a look at how to make learning, reading, and writing interesting from a child’s perspective. Rather than trying to teach at levels above where the child is at, eye level English gets down on the same level as the child. Here the interests, knowledge, and concepts of the child are taken into account. This means that the books chosen and activities around that are suited to where the child is at in their development.

All of this fosters a safe and secure learning environment that helps students progress through their curriculum goals. Staying on the same level as the child with eye level English and maths means that the attention, focus, and motivation of the child is retained throughout the learning process.

Eye Level learning centers are available around the world. From China to Korea and Australia to Canada. You can get involved no matter where you are in the world. The whole principle of Eye Level learning is to see learning from a child’s eye level. This means that you can rest assured that your children’s needs will be met during their whole educational experience.

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Our Philosophy

The philosophy behind the Eye Level program reflects the 30 years experience of Daekyo in providing a child-centered education

Philosophy Teacher

“A true education starts with seeing things from a student’s Eye Level”

This is a story about a teacher who lowered his height at the Smithsonian Museum in Washinton D.C. As he approaches each painting, he kneels down and looks up at it. A curious visitor asked him the reason for him kneeling down at each painting. The man replies:

“I am an elementary school teacher and I will be bring my students here tomorrow. By kneeling down, I am trying to appreciate these paintings from a student’s eye level.”


Our Goals

Eye Level Goals

The ultimate aim of the Eye Level Program is to enable all students to experience success in mathematics while progressing at their own pace. Accomplishing this aim needs several achievable goals that includes:

  • Mastery of basic arithmetic operation, their expression in equation, and their applications in a variety of contexts associate with daily life.
  • Proficiency in mathematical thinking, including logical reasoning and the ability to solve problems using a variety of program solving strategies
  • Development of analytical and critical thinking skills that are transferable to other areas of academic study.
  • Self-perception and confidence among students that enable them to become self-motivate, independent, and proactive learners.

What does Eye Level Learning Center Do?

What Does Eye Level Learning Center Do

What is the difference between an
Eye Level Learning Center and the others?

Difference between Eye Level Learning and Others


Environment of Eye Level Learning Center
Self Directed Learning Desk

Optimised Learning Environment that allows
1:1 Individualised Coaching and Self Direct Learning

Eye Level Self Directed Learning Environment

Self-Directed Learning Desks foster concentration

Library type desks help students cut off any distraction and concentrate three times more than regular desks.


Our Global Status

Eye Level Global Status

Our Programs

Eye Level Math Eye Level Play Math for Toddlers Eye Level English

Eye Level Math

Eye Level Play Math

Eye Level English