Entering 2020,
Give your child the best gift to begin the new school year.

The gift of a
good start.

At Eye Level, we believe that every child deserves a good start in life and can be empowered to reach their fullest aspirations and potential.

That’s why, we believe in the power of our systematic, small-step, and individualised programmes to help every child succeed.

At Eye Level, every child can be nurtured to become a self-directed:
Problem Solver, Critical Thinker, Lifelong Learner
ready for any challenge in school or in life.

Let your child enter 2020 with confidence — with Eye Level!

Read on to find out how 2020 brings exciting developments for YOU as an Eye Level parent!

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How can Eye Level help your child in the new school year?

  • Does your child have difficulties answering reading comprehension questions, or string together a proper paragraph in composition writing? 

    Eye Level English
     (revised 2017) offers a comprehensive literacy programme that focuses on holistic language acquisition — with aspects of reading, writing, speaking, and listening emphasised at every level.
  • Does your child have trouble with problem sums or understanding Math concepts? 

    Eye Level Math cultivates problem-solving capabilities by improving mathematical thinking. The focus of Critical Thinking Math and Basic Thinking Math ensures all-round mastery and confidence in Mathematics.
  • Does your child lose focus in learning Math easily?

    Summit Math (NEW) is an online immersive core Math supplement that identifies and addresses each student’s individual learning gaps through Knowre’s proprietary Walk-Me-Through technology, personalized curricula, and continuous assessment.

So parents! What are you waiting for?
Take this opportunity to give your child the best gift by giving them a good start!

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Go ahead with Eye Level in 2020
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