Eye Level Kovan Truck Show 2019

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Hi Parents,
If you’re starting to notice that your child is:
* Easily distracted and can’t seem to focus
* Not able to complete her homework independently on her own without your supervision
* Unmotivated and tend to procrastinate in her learning and homework
* Picking new concepts and techniques slower than other children * Don’t have the confidence to ask questions even when she doesn’t understand certain concepts or instructions
* Not seeing much improvement even after countless hours of tuition
* Giving up easily and always asking for help instead of trying to solve question herself
These may be early warning signs that the learning methods you’re currently using are harmful to your child’s learning. And if this continues, it can easily lead to having difficulties in tackling & handling challenges when she goes to Upper Primary.
The truth is, we need to start by empathising with where your child is at right now, their individual learning style and other learning abilities.
So, the next question is how are you going to do that?
Eye Level Kovan will be doing FREE Diagnostic Tests to discover your child’s potential and what is holding him or her back in his/her learning progression.
After the Diagnostic Test, you will be able to know:
✔ Your Child’s actual academic Level & Learning Attitude
✔ The problem why he/she is always loosing that 10-20 marks in Exams which you think they are all careless mistakes
✔ Why your child is not seeing much improvement even after countless hours of tuition
✔ The secret to helping your child to learn faster and pick up concepts much quicker than most of her peers (No, giving her more advanced worksheets and questions is not going to help!)
✔ How to coaching should be done to help him/her excel and become more motivated and more Self-Directed
Right now, I am sure you want to let your child(ren) try our diagnostic test and we have a great new for you!
After 2 years of hiatus, is back!
And this time, you get to enjoy up to $1̴6̴2̴ (now $228) !
What a great opportunity to let your child(ren) learn at their eye level and start building a strong foundation with us!
What will you be entitled during our Truck Show?
✅ Free Diagnostic Test (Worth $30)
✅ 20% Off for 2 months any new Math & English class signups (Worth up to $72)
✅ Free entry to KidZania Singapore for one (Worth $62)
✅ Free Registrations (Worth $30)
✅ Free Goodie Bag (Worth $34)
T&C applies
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Eye Level Kovan Truck Show 2019