Eye Level Kovan Primary One Prep Class is here again!

Is your K2 child ready for their Primary One?

Do you know most Singapore Primary One teachers expect your child to know the basic Math topics even before they start their lesson in school?


Because they have too many topics to cover in that one year! Therefore, teachers tend to run through the lesson at a very fast pace.

Just imagine, when you are a child going to Primary One. You are in a totally new type of classroom, unlike your kindergarten. Your teacher is teaching you Math at a very fast pace. Some of your classmates seem to understand what the Teacher is teaching but you have a hard time catching up. How would you feel?

Frankly, I would freak out!

So what happens after some time of these tough times catching up with their peers? Some may feel Math is too difficult for them. Or worst they feel inferior to their peers and lost confidence. Eventually, they will dislike Math totally.

We understand the struggles some of these students had as we have many children who came to us because they could not catch up on their school work. Whereas our students who have been with us before going to Primary One managed to glide through classes with little hurdles.

What we did was strengthen their Math foundation. So in school, they can understand their lessons more easily.

To help children going to Primary One next year. We have a one-month Primary One Prep Class in December to help them to adapt their Primary One Maths class easier.

This will be a weekly 2 hrs class where we will provide our award-winning foundation building Eye Level Math and our exclusive School Math program which touches on the earlier topics they will be learning in Primary One.

Slots are limited. So do act early if you want to reserve a seat for our Primary One Prep Class and start building your child’s foundation with Eye Level now!

Simply fill in the form below and we will contact you soon to arrange an appointment for a FREE Diagnostic Test for your child.