How To Help Your Child to Develop a Strong Foundation in Math With Critical Thinking & Problem-Solving Skills Through An Individualized Learning Environment

Eye Level Math Program is designed to help children (age 4 to 15) develop their mathematical thinking & problem-solving skills through a systematic & effective learning approach.

What Your Child Will Learn

  • We help children to develop depth perception and critical and analytical thinking skills.

  • We help children to develop the foundation of Math and cover the following study areas: Numbers, Arithmetic, Measurement, and Equations.

  • We help children to develop mental Math skills and build motivation through interactive online assignments, activities, and Math games. It’s a more fun way to learn.

  • Your children will fully understand and master the required Math concepts, and they will be able to solve problems independently by using our systematic study materials.

  • Students can progress much faster through an individualized learning program with the Eye Level instructors based on the accurate evaluation.

  • Our instructors will guide students to build up academic abilities by solving problems one after another on their own through necessary coaching rather than spoon-feeding.

  • The Eye Level materials are designed in a small-step approach to facilitate smooth progress for all students, which would develop the student’s self-directed learning habits.

  • We provide the appropriate learning conditions for mastery learning: level-appropriate material, an individualized learning pace, and an explicit guide. All students will be engaged with blended (online + offline) learning materials to build comprehensive literacy skills.

    And so much more…

How Your Child Will Learn

  1. Diagnostic Assessment – The diagnostic test measures the strengths and weaknesses of the students and evaluates their ability to study.
  2. Initializing The Starting Point Of Learning – The starting point is where students are most confident and comfortable. This helps students master the current level to help ensure future success in the proceeding levels.
  3. Mastery Of All Successive Eye Level Curricula – Supplementing the learning gaps as the program covers all major areas of the language arts/math. A level test will be given at the end of each level to evaluate the mastery of learning before proceeding to the next level.
  4. Complementing Students’ Academic Progress With Additional Studies – Improve students’ performance at school. Eye Level enhances students’ mathematical and analytical thinking skills/language skills. This provides students with greater opportunities for success in and out of school.
  5. Paves The Road To Higher Learning – Greater self-confidence will have a stronger impact on other areas of study and being self-directed in acquiring knowledge.
  6. Individual Coaching – We keep the class small so that we can get to know each student. By getting to know them and adjusting our teaching methods accordingly, we help each student reach their highest potential.

Math Class Structure

In our Math class, the Basic Thinking Math has 32 levels which level 1 to level 23 has 18 booklets and the area of study include Arithmetic, Numbers, Equations, and Measurements while level 24- level 32 involves Variables and Equations, Numbers and Arithmetic, Probability and Statistics, Relationships and Functions, Measurement and Geometry.

Critical Thinking Math has the same levels as Basic Thinking Math and the areas of study in levels 1 to level 23 involve Reasoning, Measurement, Geometry, Problem Solving Patterns, and Relationship and have 12 booklets. Level 24 to level 32 has eight booklets, and the area of study is Problem Solving I, Problem Solving II, Problem Solving III, and Spatial Sense.

MathLevel 1 to Levels 23Levels 24 to Levels 32
• Numbers
• Arithmetic
• Measurement
• Equations
• Numbers and Arithmetic
• Variables and Equations
• Relationships and Functions
• Probability and Statistics
• Geometry
Eye Level Math Program – Basic Thinking Topics
Math Level 1 to Levels 23Levels 24 to Levels 32
• Patterns and Relationships
• Geometry
• Problem Solving
• Measurement
• Reasoning
• Problem Solving I
• Problem Solving II
• Problem Solving III
• Spatial Sense
Eye Level Math Program – Critical Thinking Topics

Math Class Learning Materials

Our Eye Level Math class ensures that the students face practical applications by solving applied mathematical problems using Eye Level Math studying materials. Some of the learning materials include Numerical figures, Blocks, and Shapes, Clear Paper, Thinking Cubes, Thinking Pentos, Thinking Bricks, Wooden Blocks, Colored Blocks, and Mirror.

Learning In Action

What Our Students And Parents Say About Us

Aaron started with basic counting and number recognition. Now he’s able to add, subtract and even multiply with ease and confidence! Alisa started with play math and now she can add and subtract like a champion! They are both way ahead of their class at school. Thanks to Eye Level Kovan!

From Aaron and Alisa Prompat’s parent

We as parents really excited to see my daughter in P1 has a great improvement in math subject. Most importantly she gained confidence towards this subject. We’ll definitely recommend Eye Level Kovan to our friends.

A big thumbs up & thank you to Teacher Christine

From Evian Ho’s parent

We have seen great improvements in bour our kiddies’ math. Indeed the programme and materials are well structured, but having a caring and committed teach such as Ms. Christine has been in my opinion, key to the development.

From Kaelyn and Kaen Sng’s parent

After my daughter joins Eye Level Kovan, both her English and Mathematics have improved tremendously. I’m very satisfied with her mid term results. I would highly recommend Eye Level Kovan to all parents.

From Destiny Chua’s parent

This Math Class Is Suitable For

  • Parents with Children age 4-15 years old.
  • Parents who want their child to build a Strong Foundation in Math and Critical Thinking.
  • Parents who want their child to be a Problem Solver, Critical Thinker, and Self-Directed Lifelong Learner.

We offer our students a unique learning experience. Our lessons broaden the student’s education by giving them a new way to understand math. Students soon discover that they are capable of more than they ever imagined

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About Us

Ms. Christine Lim of Eye Level Kovan

Eye Level is a supplemental education program that originated in Korea in 1976 and we now have over 2 million students enrolled across 20 countries worldwide.

Eye Level Kovan has been around since 2013. And since then we have trained more than 500 students to build a strong Math & English foundation using our individualized program allowing our students to learn at their own level and at their own pace.

Over the years we are grateful to receive multiple awards and testimonials from Eye Level Singapore and from our parents which gave us great recognition and encouragement to do what we do best.

Eye Level’s Recognition

The Eye Level education originated from Daekyo, one of the world’s leading companies in the educational service market. In addition to years of proven success, the concept has been awarded many times, proving its outstanding reputation and excellence in children’s education to prepare them for a successful future.

Eye Level Kovan’s Recognitions

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