Online Learning Can Be Productive Too!

Eye Level ON AIR allows the student to learn safely at home based on real-time 1-on-1 coaching system, together with their physical booklets. With a computer or laptop equipped with a camera and microphone function, classes can still be conducted.

How do we conduct our Eye Level ON AIR

  • Our Consultants will arrange for a diagnostic test (to be conducted online if required). Where we will determine the optimal starting level that will allow your child to learn productively.
  • You can collect the required booklets from our centre or we will deliver/mail to you if required.
  • You will meet your instructor online for the coaching of new concept and instructions (Est 15 mins). Instructors will provide online coaching using the online booklets while students will write on their physical booklets.
  • After the session, while the students are working on the booklets, parents can cross-reference the answers via the optional Eye Level Member’s app.
  • Submit or collect homework to our centres for marking.
  • Your child’s progress will all be documented and planned according to their learning abilities and pace.
  • A level test will be conducted to ensure your child has mastered the topic before moving on to the next topic.

What do you need

A laptop or PC with Microphone and Video Camera (You may also try with Samsung and Huawei mobile devices)
Chrome Browser
Strong Wifi Network
Your Eye Level Booklets provided
Optional – Headphone or earphone

Our Programs Available For Eye Level ON AIR

Our Eye Level Math has a basic and critical thinking component. The Basic Thinking Math help students to master the mathematics foundation. The Critical Thinking Math helps students develop problem-solving, depth perception and reasoning skills.

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Eye Level English is a comprehensive literacy program that helps learners develop effective communication skills and strong content knowledge by enhancing their literacy skill.

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You might be interested in our Summit Math too

An award-winning Math digital learning supplement for students ages 6 to 14 that identifies and addresses individual learning gaps and provides interactive personalized learning for all students.
Summit Math is a 1st through 12th grade, standards-aligned, online core supplement that identifies and addresses each student’s individual learning gaps through Knowre’s proprietary Walk Me Through technology, personalized curricula, and continuous assessment.
Summit believes that all students can be successful — that students don’t hate math, they hate being frustrated. We’re here to change that.

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Let your child continue to be active in learning during Circuit Breaker!

At Eye Level, we believe the path to mastery lies in continuous in learning. As such we have launched our online coaching platform Eye Level On-Air program to encourage and support our students’ continuous study during this period.

And when school starts, your child will be able to catch up with the pace and need not readapt to learning.

So click on the “Sign Up” button below to learn more about our latest promotion when you sign up for Diagnostic Test today!