Eye Level English
Enrichment Class For Children 5 To 14 Years Old


Eye Level English is a comprehensive literacy program that helps learners develop
effective communication skills and strong content knowledge by enhancing their literacy skills.

Eye Level offers an English Enrichment Program that helps students to master the English Language while at the same time enhancing four fundamental skills: speaking, listening, writing, and reading.

  • Intensive Listening and reading comprehension practice
  • Instant online feedback
  • Development of critical thinking skills
  • Cultivating strategic writing skills

Take a look at how our Eye Level English class is conducted

English Enrichment Program goals


Mastery of English Language Arts

The English Enrichment Program helps the student to develop mastery of English Language Arts skills that meet the benchmarks as given to state standards and includes phonological awareness, print concepts, word recognition, phonics, comprehension, language, fluency, and writing.

Eye Level English Blended

This program combines offline and online learning. Doing so makes the lesson more efficient and enjoyable and thus the student master English faster.


  • Increased interest in learning
  • Enhance listening skills
  • Continuous exposure to listening and reading
  • Repetitive exercises increase the effectiveness


  • Converge online lessons
  • Learn grammar
  • Improve understanding and thinking skills
  • Increase academic vocabulary
  • Expand background knowledge


  • Extensive reading
  • Supplementary grammar learning
  • Connect spelling to phonetics

The uniqueness of Eye Level English

Individualized Program

English Enrichment Program utilizes a Diagnostic Test at the start of the program which progresses to a Level Test as the end of the level approaches. The purpose of the Level Test is to give blueprints for instruction that is customized for every child.

Proven Contents

The specialized English centre has a curriculum that has 38 years of educational experience.

Assist the Student in Attain Self-Directed Learning

English Enrichment Program helps the student to develop the necessary skills for students to be accountable and responsible needed for the learning process. It also improves student’s study habits and concentration.

Essential English Language Arts Skills

A student learns reading ability and basic and advanced language arts skills together with comprehension and vocabulary strategies. The English Enrichment Program considers the language skills given in state standards.

Language Arts

A student needs to study language arts as a general academic subject to develop a capacity for the use of oral and written language and comprehension. With the basic language arts, students attain basic language skills in writing, fundamental language structure, and reading. Using reading materials, and reading with vocabulary assists the students in expanding the earlier acquired knowledge.

The Structure

There are several levels in Eye Level English, and the levels rise as English proficiency increases. The first level is Level Pre-A for beginners then it increases from level A up to level I for intermediate English Proficiency and finally level 5 to level 8 for advanced English proficiency.

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Sample Reading Booklets

Development of essential reading skills is achieved by targeted practice, explicit instruction, and oral reading concentrating on fluency. Development of high-level critical thinking is obtained at every successive level through comprehension strategies to study complex domain-specific texts as well as formulating effective written feedback in different genres.

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Learning Materials

English enrichment program utilizes various learning materials such as Flash Cards, Alphabet Readers, Phonics Readers, Phonic Poster, Key and Note, Recommended Reading List, Progress Chart, Diagnostic and Level Test and Answer Booklet.