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Understand Eye Level Math

And why so many children have benefited from it

The Eye Level learning system is a unique one that has proven results across Singapore. Within Eye Level learning, the entire focus is on seeing education through a student’s perspective. Eye Level learning is based on the educative principal that students learn at their own pace and see things from a different perspective than adults do.

The main foundation of Eye Level learning is that teachers understand the learning needs of a student. This is when teaching becomes most effective and are able to help students on their pathway of self-directed learning. Throughout Eye Level learning, students are nurtured to become critical thinkers, problem solvers, and lifelong learners. Eye Level learning covers the majority of the curriculum, with a particular focus on English and mathematics.


More About Eye Level Mathematics


Eye Level math starts with basic thinking math. This is where development of mathematical thinking begins. Basic thinking math enables students to complete a foundation of math. It covers areas such as numbers, arithmetic, measurements, and equations.

From this basis, critical thinking math is developed. This is where students are able to develop depth perception, problem solving, and reasoning skills. This component of Eye Level math covers patters and relationships, geometry, problem solving, and reasoning.

Eye Level math is delivered with both online and offline methodologies. In online learning, students master learning skills through basic repetition of basic thinking concepts. This is often done through fun arithmetic games and keeps a record for students to see their progress. The offline learning then focuses on simultaneous critical thinking along with basic thinking. Students learn new concepts on paper first and then apply these to well-systematized assessments. They are supported the whole way through their materials and resources offline.

The Benefits of Eye Level Math


The different of learning math through Eye Level is that children are firstly given systematic study material for all levels. As the Eye Level curriculum is progressive, the study materials grow and develop as the student gains more and more independent problem solving skills.

What’s more, the teaching methodology is interactive and incorporates proactive feedback. This means that the students receive continual, ongoing, and supportive feedback to progress their learning process.

Throughout the Eye Level learning process, students develop strong critical and analytical thinking skills. The active use of learning material such as numerical blocks, shapes, and figures as well as colored papers and blocks means that students have an interactive and kinesthetic approach to maintaining their focus.

Finally, Eye Level learning helps students to develop their math skills and learn about how these are transferable to other subject areas. Therefore, the content taught in math can be taken and applied to English, science, and the humanities as they go throughout their learning journey.


Eye Level Math

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Understand Eye Level Math
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