Do not judge our children base on their PSLE results

We, as parents are often anxious about our children’s PSLE results.

Who wouldn’t?

After all, their PSLE results determine what schools they are able to apply for as well as the stream they are going to be under, Express or Normal.

To some, it may feel like the end of the world if they had a bad PSLE score, not being able to go to a secondary school of their choice or study one more extra year to take their ‘O’ Level. But nope, it is not the end of the world.

Very often while we are pushing our children to chase the dream results, we overlooked some important things for our children. One of them is their confidence. Being confident allows them to know they can handle many things that come along in their life and being able to do what they have set their minds to be.

Even if they can’t score well academically, they should know how they can still take charge of their life and future. As parents, we can only provide them with the resources to learn and the rest is up to them.

In Eye Level, we strongly believe that every child’s learning ability is unique to his or her own. Everyone is different, why should their learning pace and style be the same?

When your children are learning according to their own pace and ability, their confidence level surged and you will be pleasantly surprised to see how well they can do on their own! They will feel that learning is not that tough and even want to learn more! This life skill and positive attitude will take through not only as a child but as an adult in the future as well! Isn’t this more important in life than just good PSLE results?

If you love your children and think this life skill is important, provide them with the resources. They will eventually find their own path in life.

Do not judge our children base on their PSLE results
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