6 Ways Enrichment Classes Can Change Your Life

At Eye Level, we believe that enrichment is valuable for every single child. 


Because students don’t just gather knowledge like they usually do in school. They learn things that change who they are. The goal is not only to master subjects but to master life as well. 

All of the following benefits–to varying extents–come with being a self-directed learner. As such, some of them should sound familiar to you if you read our post Self-Directed Learning: What It Is and 11 Reasons Your Child Will Love It.” 

In this post, we’ll expand on a few of these benefits and give you a taste of how Eye Level Enrichment classes really can change your life both now and 5, 10, 20, even 50+ years down the line! 


1)  Become a Lifelong Learner

Becoming a lifelong learner means that you are always getting better, improving, and refining yourself. When you are constantly growing, it becomes much easier to reach your goals. And think about the last time you set a challenging goal for yourself and reached it. How amazing did it feel to know that all your hard work had paid off? That you’d actually done it?

Being a lifelong learner helps us to achieve things that bring us joy. But it gets better…

People who commit to a life of learning quickly realize that there is immense joy in the process itself. As the saying goes, “It’s not the journey, it’s the climb.” It feels great to be challenged and forced to think in new ways, test the limits, and forge new paths forward. 

Lifelong learners are people who scale the highest “mountains” and have the time of their lives doing it. You can think of Eye Level enrichment classes as “base camp.”


2)  Become a Problem-Solver

Students, no matter what type of life you choose, you’re going to encounter problems. These days, it might be dealing with a bully or struggling through a difficult subject in school. And as an adult, you will have even more challenges to deal with on a daily basis. 

That’s why it’s imperative that you develop problem-solving skills now. If you don’t know how to confidently face challenges and overcome them, life is going to be very hard. It’s best to get started building this skill now so that when the bigger problems do come, you know exactly what actions to take.

At Eye Level, problem-solving is one of the life-skills we give particular emphasis. Our teachers prepare students to be able to address social/ ethical challenges as well as academic ones. (This is especially emphasized in our Math enrichment classes.)


3)  Become a High-Performing Student

While Eye Level’s enrichment classes do offer thorough life-skills and critical-thinking components, we also aim at making our students wildly successful in school. (If you’re looking for proof, just head over to our testimonials page and listen to what parents and students have to say on the subject.)

Having been in the business of enrichment for over 41 years, we fully recognize that there is huge pressure–especially in Singapore–to perform well in school. After all, your grades and how you test on the PSLE exam have an enormous influence on where you attend secondary school and your future career.

As such, Eye Level’s classes are designed to give students the knowledge and skills to succeed now in school and later in life.


4)  Become a Great “Failer”

“A ‘failer?’ And just why would I want to be good at failing?”

Failing is one of the very best ways to learn and gain motivation. If you’ve committed to becoming a lifelong learner, then you’d better get used to failing. Some of the best advice students can ever hear is that 

“Failing is not a bad thing. It is a precious opportunity to gather data, learn from it, and plan how you’ll do better next time. The only way to truly “fail” is to make mistakes and neglect to learn from them.”

As self-directed learners at Eye Level, students are constantly evaluating their performance. What the did well, why they were able to do it well, what they failed at, why they failed at it, etc.

Win or lose, Eye Level students are always growing and always improving. In this way, they are destined to reach their full potential. Some experiences are of course better than others, but not a single one is wasted.


5)  Become a Goal-Setter (and Achiever)

Setting goals is an essential skill of successful people, yet children typically receive very little training in this area at school. As a result, it is very easy for them to become receivers rather than achievers.

Receivers are people who goes through school, their career, or their life expecting things to be given to them. For opportunities to materialize from seemingly nowhere. For success to follow them because hey, they deserve it, right? Wrong. This way of thinking leads to stagnancy and bitterness, and almost nobody with this mindset ends up getting where they want to go.

On the other hand…

Achievers are those who actively pursue their dreams and ambitions with relentless ferocity. They are not content to sit back and hope for things to work out because they know things will not magically come together just how they had imagined. Instead, they go out and make it happen, no matter the cost.

Setting goals to strive for is a huge step on the pathway to success, whatever your definition of success may be. Eye Level’s self-directed learning classes equip students to take charge of their own learning. Set goals. Achieve goals. Evaluate. Repeat.


6)  Become Confident in Yourself

When you enjoy the benefits in this list and take a moment to reflect on just how many “mountains” you’ve been able to climb, you gain a heck of a lot of confidence in yourself. 

And the great news is that confidence helps you be better in every single one of these areas, and many more! It’s the fuel that keeps you going when most people would have quit a long time ago. You can do more than you ever imagined possible, so long as you have the confidence to try it.

There’s a reason that Eye Level’s motto is “I am the key.” We know that students who take charge of their own learning with confidence and an insatiable desire to improve will go far in life. Teachers can teach you many things, but you really are the key to your own success. Our classes are designed to help students realize this and make them into the key that will fit whatever “doors” they are set on opening.

If you found this article helpful or want to learn more about how Eye Level’s enrichment classes can prepare your child for lifelong success, we’d love to speak with you!

We’re even offering a free consultation and a Diagnostic Test for you and your child. We’ll answer any questions you have and do our very best to make your family feel right at home. 

See you soon!

6 ways enrichment classes can change your life
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