Eye Level Philosophy – Our students love Eye Level because we begins their learning through their own level

How Eye Level Kovan students become a Self-directed Learner with a strong Math & English foundation

Math and English Classes

Eye Level at Kovan is an enrichment school that provides individualized Math & English enrichment classes that cater to children of different abilities.
Every child is unique. Yours included

Eye Level Learning Center at Kovan provides individualized Math and English enrichment classes in Singapore that caters to children of different abilities. We believe every child is different. Each and every one of them has their own ability, their own set of skills, and their own learning curve. It wouldn't be fair to them if we categorized them based on their age, would it?

We know, that a strong solid foundation in education is very important for our children, but we do not want education to be a struggle for them. We believe every child can learn better when they start off at a level that is within their comfort zone and that difficulty is gradually added in along the way. All these are possible with our individualized program catered to each child!

Mother and child walking on steps made of books
Guiding your child one step at a time

In the first step, we will do a diagnostic test to find out where their current understanding of the subject is at and thus plan a customized program for every child. Our small steps approach in our program allows the child to master each topic and gain confidence along the way. Level tests and achievement tests are done consistently to enable us to monitor every individual child's progress to ensure mastery of the topics they have learned!

We want to inspire them to set goals for themselves and we are here to guide them to reach each goal along the way. As the saying goes, "Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime." We want our students to be self-directed learners, to be able to pick up a new skill or conduct research by themselves. They will be provided with tools to learn how to take up responsibility into their own hands. This skill will follow them for the rest of their lives.

After they completed our Math and English classes and move on to higher education, they'd have received a solid foundation of education, and their self-confidence was boosted! They will stand proud and confidently tell everyone, "I can do whatever I choose to be if I put my mind to it!"

If you're looking to unleash something incredible in your child or yourself, then look no further. Take your first step to success with us. Each child is different and our classes cater to their strengths. As a result, they progress faster while enjoying the journey. The benefits are immense, from self-confidence to better Don't take our word for it; check out our many testimonials from parents!

Register now for a diagnostic test to help them start building a strong foundation today!

Eye Level Math Class at Kovan

Eye Level Math Class at Kovan

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Eye Level English Class in Singapore

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Register For A Free Math and English Diagnostic Test!

Register For A Free Math and English Diagnostic Test!

Why does your child need our Eye Level Math and English Diagnostic Test? Because at Eye Level, we believe every child is different and so teaching shouldn’t be the same. Some children had a poorer foundation compared to others because

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